notes on modernism presentation so far

Wednesday 21st – afternoon spent at Molly’s house scriptwriting for our presentation and throwing about some new ideas

notes from session:


Nigel Bents collapses due to cod overconsumption on fish and chip Friday

Richard Sanderson arrived on time

Derrelle Goodhall and Alexander Heron wear contrasting outfits

Geoff Thomas-Shaw gets cast in a live-action remake of Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo


rolling news ticker 





Hello this is the ModernaTV news with Nigel Bents and Paula Oakley. In the modernist news this week:


hand over to our meteorologist Florence Fairweather


Andy is floor manager who sorts out technical difficulties

technical difficulties tie in to broadcast to prove that the industrial society that we live in is dependent on modern technology that frequently lets us and everyone else down


Paula Oakley

Nigel Bents


A wave of commodification has swept over Great Britain


in this new age of entrepreneurship and small businesses new unexpected commodification of everyday objects are everywhere




a chair is not always a chair – chair quote

To understand the concept of a commodity, consider a chair. It is a commodity if the chair is a tradable product of human work possessing a social use-value. By contrast, a fallen log of deadwood sat upon in the forest is not a commodity, as it was not produced by human work for the purpose of trade. A chair created by a hobbyist as a gift to someone is not a commodity. Nor is a chair a commodity (as a chair) if its only use would be as firewood (unless one purchases a chair specifically to chop it up for firewood). A chair that nothing could sit on, has no use-value, and cannot be a commodity. An ornamental chair might yet however, have value.


industrial society

accept we are an industrial society, 4 out of 5 British citizens now own a smartphone or tablet and 88% of Brits are unable to cope when their wifi connection doesn’t function for more than approximately five minutes. our society is driven by the use of technology to enable mass production, supporting our large and ever growing population with a high capacity for division of labour.


tree shot

chair shot

interviews – fake and set up

panning shots of chelsea to use as bridges from one scene to the next

slow mo?

interview people about chairs

interview people on chairs about their chairs


homework – create a wordpress blog

my third day at Chelsea, met our lecturer Mark Ingham who encouraged us to join WordPress for creative blogging purposes.

really interesting first lecture for our creativity and context unit – modernism and modernity. watched a couple of short films so we got the hang on what is and what isn’t modernism – “modernism is about rules, modernism takes itself very seriously.”